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Sothys nainen kuva

Beauty Salon in Helsinki Hotel Crowne Plaza






PHONE +358 - 406621134.









Treatments are done with Sothys, Bernard Cassiere, Ekopharma, BTB13, Hydrafacial,  IS clinical, Priori and Elemis.

HIFU - High Intensed Focused Ultrasound

Firming treatment for face and body. 

Face areas: Eye area ,Forehead ,Cheeks, Neck, Decollete. One area 200€


Body areas: Arms, stomach/waist, buttocks and thighs  150-350€/ area

Package price for

cheeks, jawline and neck 249€ with mask. 

face, cheeks, jawline, neck and decollete 399€

Elemis Superfood facial


Nutritional boost rich in superfoods so skin is left smoother, plumper and radiant.

Recommended for all skin types all ages. Facial includes  ultrasound cleansing, and long relaxing massage for face, neck, head and arms.

Priori Unveiled facial


Renewing facial with chemical peel, LED mask, face massage and face mask.

Radiant skin with chemical peel and calming/anti-aging LED mask. Recommended all skin types, 

without peeling also for pregnant and sensitive skin.

Radiofrequency facial


RF machine facial is skin tightening treatment for face and neck. Incl. also scrub, lifting mask and neck and shoulder massage.

How it works

-It uses energy to stimulate collagen and elastin production in skin. It uses energy to tighten the underlaying skin sturcture and countour the face and to tone and firm the skin.

Recommended 5-8 times 1-2 time per week.

Not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding, cancer, metal parts in body.


Sothys skin type facial

1h/ 79€  1,5h/ 95€

Deep cleansing/moisturising/calming treatment depending on skin type.

Sothys Pinapple - Kiwi facial

1h/89€  1,5h/115€

Delicious moisturising and oxygenating facial with C- vitamin for all skin types

incl.peeling, face and shoulder/neck massage, mask, serum and cream.

1,5h treatment incl. also skin deep cleansing.


Sothys Youth facial

1h 15min/ 120€

Recommended for + 35 year old womend and men.

For younger looking skin. Incl.double peeling, wrinkle targeting serums and masks for eye and chin area and activating massage for face, neck and shoulders.


Sothys Hydra facial 1h15min/ 120€.

Relaxing treatment with moisturising hyaluronic acid products. Recommended for all skin types, especially for dry skin. Incl. Also back massage.


Sothys Cryo- eye treatment 45min/60€

with other facials + 39€

Smoothing, moisturising and refreshing treatment for tired eye area. Incl anti-puffiness cooling massage and mask for eye area.


Perfect shape treatment 45min/60€

with other facials + 47€

From cheekbones to chest this 3 stage treatment is for double chin concerns and to smoothe wrinkles around neck and decollete area. Incl. Scrub, modelling and double mask.


Glysalac peeling treatment 30min/ 60€

Renewing facial with peeling + mask.

With other facials + 30€.


Bernard Cassiere moisturising Bamboo- aloe vera facial 1h/ 80€

All inclusive treatment with deep cleansing and face + shoulder massage 1,5h/ 95€ Recommended for all skin types, speacially for dry skin.


Bernard Cassiere calming Bilberry facial for sensitive skin 1h/80€

All inclusive facial with deep cleansing and face + shoulder massage 1,5h/ 95€

Ekopharma facial 1h/80€

All inclusive facial 1,5h/95€

Skin type facial with finnish ecological and vegan products.


What is Hydrafacial

-Hydrafacial uses a unique Vortex- Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin. It is a painless skin deep cleansing for all skin types.

Hydrafacial Signature facial 30min/ 104€

3 step facial with peeling, painless deep cleansing and hydration.

Hydrafacial Clariying treatment 45min/ 149€

4 step facial with glycolic acid peeling, painless deep cleansing and hydration.

Renewing facial, specially recommended for impure skin or for hyperpigmentation.

Hydrafacial Age refinement treatment 45min/169€

Anti-aging facial with glycolic acid peeling, paineless deep cleansing and smoothing

Dermabuilder serum for wrinkles. Recommended for + 40 year old.

Is Clinical Fire & Ice facial 30min/85€ All inclusive facial 1h/119€

Renewing ” Red Carpet ” facial with peeling and mask.


IS Clinical chemical peel 30min/ 120€

Smoothing, pore minimising, renewing treatment. Lightens hyperpigmentation and diminshes acne scars.

Recommended 3 - 5 treatments for best results.

Luxurious Gold & Caviar facial 1h15min / 105€

Anti-aging and moisturising facial with back massage. Incl. peeling, face massage, smoothing gold mask, gold serum and cream. Facial starts with relaxing back massage.

C-Vitamin facial 1h/80€ All inclusice facial 1,5h/ 95€

Brightening facial with c- vitamin. Recommended for skin types, all ages.

Chocolate facial 1h/85€

Delicious facial with chocolate products. Incl.peeling, face and neck massage, warm chocolate mask and cream.

Great as a gift!

Mini facial 30min/ 45€

Mini facial with peeling + mask or peeling + face massage. Recommended before make up or with other treatments.

Ultrasound facial 89€ or Ultrasonic deep cleansing facial 1h/79€

Inc.peeling, ultrasound and face mask.

Ultrasonic deep cleansing removes black heads and makes skin brighter. Ultrasound facial smoothes skin, and is recommended as anti-aging treatment.

With other facial ultrasonic deep cleansing + 25€

Diamond peel 1h/ 89€

Incl.diamond peeling, face mask, shoulder and neck massage during mask.

-What is diamond peel? Mechanical exfoliating treatment similiar to microdermabrasion. Removes dead skin cells and makes the skin look brighter.

Recommended for acne scars, large pores and fine wrinkles. Best results 5-10 times, once every two to three weeks.

Microneedling - 1h15min/160€

Incl. AHA peeling, serum, microneedling for face and neck, calming and smoothing face mask, massage for neck and shoulders during mask.

Benefits of microneedling - Helps to smooth line and wrinkles, produce collagen in skin, refine enlarged pores, tighten skin and fade scars.

For best result recommended 6 -10 times, every 4-6 weeks.

Lifting EMS for face and neck 1h/95€

Incl. peeling, EMS for face and neck, smoothing and toning mask, serum and cream. Bemefits- Helps to improve and tone your face and neck muscles.

Mens facial 1h /79€

Skin type facial incl.peeling, deep cleansing, (facemassage), mask, serum and cream.


Acne facial 1h/89€

for impure skin incl.peeling, deep cleansing , mask, serum and cream. Neck massage during mask.


Lymphatic massage for face and neck 1h/75€

Gentle drainage massage which engourages the lymf fluids movement around the body. Recommended -

-before and after upper lid surgery or face surgery

-in case of facial or eye swelling

Treatment can be done daily or weekly.


Diathermy for veins from 90€

Electro-coagulation for treating thread veins and spider veins in face and for mole and skin tag removal with around neck area.

Cryo skin tag or mole removal from 90€

 3 skin tags/moles 150€


To add to your facial:

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting +25€ Eyelash tinting + 20€

Eyebrow tinting + 20€

Face hair removal + 10-25€

Deep cleansing + 20€

Deep cleansing 20-30€

AHA peeling + 30€

Smoothing Eye treatment + 39€ Lifing Neck treatment + 47€ Manicure 30min/30€

Hand/ foot/ /back massage 30min/ 30€

Head massage 15min/15€

Lymphatic massage for face and neck 45min/45€



Eyelash tinting 25€

Eyebrow tinting 25€

Eyelash & brow tinting 35€
(with facials 25€)

Yumi lash lift 1h15min/ 85€

Lash lift + eyelash lash tinting. With brow colouring +15€

Brow lift 45min/ 49€

Brow lift & brow tinting and shaping.


New classic extensions 99€ Filling 55-60€

New volume or hybrid extensions 2h/ 119€ Filling 1h-1h45min 65- 75€



Manicure 45€

Incl. Nail filing, cuticle treatment, nail polish, hand serum + cream.

Mini manicure 30min/30€ Incl. Filing and nail polish.

Parafin mask 30min/25€ (with other treatment +20€)

Shellac gel polish 45min/45€ with one color. With filing and cuticle treatment,hand cream.

Shellac removal & new gel polish 1h- 1h15min/ 65€


All inclusive shellac; peeling, gel polish, hand massage, hand mask 85€



Classic pedicure 1h/68€

with callus removal, nail care, nail polish, short massage.

All inclusive pedicure 1,5h/78€

with peeling, callus removal, nail care, massage and mask, nail polish.

All inclusive pedicure 1,5h/89€  All inclusive pedicure with gel polish 95€

with peeling, callus removal, nail and cuticle care, massage with mask,  nail polish  (polish as a gift)



Moisturising mango- coconut body treatment 2h/145€

Relaxing spa treatments incl. scrub, body wrap, massage. Can be done with fragrance free products and for pregnant customers.

Detox body treatment 2h/129€

Incl. scrub, detox wrap with and body massage with detox oils such as rosemary and lime. Treatment  removes excess toxins from  body.

Sothys slimming body treatment for 1,5h/120€

Incl. Slimming/peeling wrap and cellulite massage for thighs, buttocks, waist (arms)


Pineapple -coconut body treatment 1h145min/135€

Moisturising and anti-cellulite treatment with pineapple - coconut scent.

Incl. scrub, body wrap and anti- cellulite massage. 

Back deep cleansing 1h/75€

exfoliation,deep cleansing, clay wrap. Recommended for impure skin.


Hydrafacial deep cleansing for body Back 104€ + decollete area 25€


Body scrub + massage

1h45min/ 120€


Body scrub + natural self tanning lotion



Spray tanning



Scrub  + spray tanning face and body 79€


Aroma massage with essential oils


Classic body massage






Hot stone massage




Indian head massage





 From 25€

face, armpits, bikini area for ladies, back, legs, arms

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